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The Azymut is a new low-rise residential estate located in Gdynia, the Mały Kack district, Wielkopolska Street, with a beautiful view of the nearby forests and the Bay of Gdańsk.

The estate is located 3.5 km from the pier in Orłowo, and close to the Tri-City bypass road. The Metropolitan Railway line will facilitate transport of the residents who, by using a railway stop called Karwiny, will be able to reach destinations such as the centre of Gdynia, the airport in Rębiechowo, and Gdańsk Wrzeszcz quickly and comfortably. Close to the estate, there are two popular shopping centres: Riviera and Klif.

The Azymut estate will consist of 7 three-, four- and five-storey buildings with lifts. The project will be original owing to, for example, spectacular stone retaining walls, the so-called gabions. The modern architecture of the buildings will be completed by sunny balconies and terraces. The site will be partly fenced and monitored from the security room. Garage halls and storage units will be located under the buildings. A room for keeping baby carriages and strollers, a bicycle store and generally accessible parking spaces are planned at the estate. Ground floor flats will have gardens, and the playground will be provided with outdoor fitness equipment.

A view of Gdynia and the Gdańsk Bay

The Azymut residential estate under construction is located in the Mały Kack district of Gdynia.  The outstanding feature of the investment project is the beautiful view of the nearby forest and the Gdańsk Bay the location offers.  The famous Orłowo Pier is just 3.5 km from the estate.  With the nearby point of entry to the Tri-City ring road the residents of the estate will reach the major points on the map of the Tri-City easily.

Original design

The Azymut residential estate will be made up of seven buildings, three, four, or five storeys high, all fitted with modern lifts.  Stone retaining walls, or the so-called gabions, will highlight the unique touch of the estate.  The modernist design of the architecture will be complemented with sun-drenched balconies and large terraces.

Excellent transport links

The estate lies close to a new stop of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway, called Karwiny.  The new stop will make it easier for the future residents to get to e.g. the Gdynia city centre, Rębiechowo airport, or Gdańsk Wrzeszcz.

Zalety lokalizacji

Functional flats

All flats are designed so as to be easily and functionally arranged.  The owners of ground floor flats will enjoy their own gardens, while those living on higher floors will have sunny balconies and terraces.

Amenities for the residents

The residential estate will feature a playground for the youngest residents and its own outdoor fitness park.

The building basements are designed to house car parks and storage compartments.  In addition, the plans envisage a pram storage and bicycle storage, plus publically available parking spaces.


The safety of the residents will be secured by qualified guards.  In addition, the estate will be partially fenced.

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Show a road route
The planned Karwiny Node

The future view of the Karwiny transport hub

Car parks, 3.5 km of bus lanes, a bus and trolley bus terminus and some 4.3 km of new cycling paths will be built as part of the Karwiny transport hub. The project should go out to tender this year, and owing to support from the European Union there are no concerns about project financing.

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Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2 – 33.9 m2
Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2 – 66.5 m2
Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2 – 33.9 m2

Turn-key finish

As part of this project, we have also launched a turn-key finish programme, which is an ideal proposal for those who value comfort, quality and time and for investors in real property.

Turn-key finish of flats

Turn-key finish programme

An ideal proposal for those who value comfort, quality

A wide and diversified offer is a guarantee of the high quality of interior finish within the budget adjusted to the customer's needs.

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Credit Facilities

Take advantage of the skills and experience of financial experts of INPRO S.A.

A mortgage credit is the basic source of finance for the purchase of real estate, and obtaining such credit is a condition for making one's dreams come true.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
To obtain more information about our offer, please contact the sales office at the INPRO S.A. main office (ul. Opata Jacka Rybińskiego 8, Gdańsk – Oliwaor contact the sales department  +48 58 34 00

We invite those customers who bought a flat and would like to see the construction site to visit it on the last Friday of the month. Entry is possible to all buildings upon previous arrangement. Any additional information is available from Ms Paulina Galińska, tel. +48 669 102 392, e-mail:

Please put on covered flat-heeled footwear. Please also be informed that children under 7 and animals will not be allowed at the site at that time.

The current progress of the works at the construction site of the Azymut estate can be tracked in the "Site Diary" section.

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