The Inpro Group has existed since 1987. Over 30 years in business, it has become one of the most respected and widely recognized developers in Poland, especially on the Tri-City market i.e. in Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.

The Inpro Group

The Group also implements commercial projects such as hotels and office buildings, and provides construction services. The Group's own construction resources contribute to cost reduction and ensure better flexibility in project implementation.The Group's activity also includes the production of construction precast concrete units by a subsidiary called inBet and assembly of interior sanitary installations by a subsidiary called ISA.

Since 2011 the shares of INPRO S.A. have been quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Owing to the funds from the issue of the shares, Inpro S.A. acquired the shares in Domesta thus strengthening the Group's position in the popular flat segment.

Inpro's priority is the excellent location of projects and emphasis on high quality of workmanship. Trimming the offer to customer requirements put Inpro among the leading developers in the Tri-City in terms of the number of flats sold. Since its inception, the Company has carried out more than 50 projects and placed in service over 4,000 premises among which the following are worth noting: Atrium Gdyńskie, Villa Halina, Villa Krystyna, Villa Maria, Brętowska Brama, Trzy Dęby, Trzy Żagle, Nowiec, Kwartał Kamienic, Chmielna Park and Hotel Mikołajki*****. At the moment, the sales offer comprises more than 300 flats and houses. Under preparation are the next projects comprising over 800 premises in total.

Housing Projects Completed

The reference list comprises the construction and renovation of public buildings including the renovation of the Gdańsk City Council Hall, modernisation of the Naval Academy in Gdynia, as well as modernization of the Auditorium Novum, the interior of the stately hall of the Main Building and the library of the Gdańsk University of Technology and the construction of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Gdańsk University.

The Group's revenues in 2015 were PLN 211 million, and net profit PLN 26 million. The Company's own construction resources and land purchased at attractive prices enable the Company to achieve satisfactory margin levels on the property development activity. As the offer of the Inpro Group meets customer requirements and the Group uses its own potential in

The Group's activity also includes the hotel market. Inpro is the pioneer of the so-called condohotel formula in Poland. The Dom Zdrojowy SPA Hotel**** in Jastarnia was built in 2005. That is the best four-star hotel right in the middle of the Hel Peninsula, by the beach, between the bay and the open sea. Just 50 m from the beach.

After extension, the hotel features the following: 25 Economy double rooms with double beds, 21 double rooms, 12 Family Size double rooms with the increased area and 1 hotel apartment. In the apartment section of the hotel, there are also private apartments bought in the condo system. Since 2005 the hotel has cooperated with the owners of more than 40 apartments from among 70 operating in the facility. The hotel may accommodate up to 140 adults and, additionally, another 150 adults in the apartment section. The conference centre comprises fully furnished conference halls: one big for 160 persons and several smaller ones for meetings in smaller groups. Hotel guests can use a functional swimming pool, the SPA with heated beds, a tepidarium and Turkish and Finnish baths, health and beauty salons, an elegant restaurant with a passage to the beach and a café overlooking the Bay of Gdańsk, the open Baltic Sea and the surrounding pine forest. The architecture of the Dom Zdrojowy refers to a ship's body. The hotel offers comfortable, air conditioned hotel rooms and apartments to let, including those with the unique view of the sea. The Dom Zdrojowy offers the services of professional staff of the Health and Beauty Clinic to those who want to make their bodies younger and more beautiful in seaside peace and quiet. The Dom Zdrojowy invites you to new, luxury treatment rooms inspired by the proximity of the sea and of the Seaside Landscape Park.

Another exclusive apartment and hotel complex built by the Company is the Mikołajki Hotel***** situated on the Birds' Island right in the heart of the Masuria region.

In addition to the prestigious location, the hotel is distinguished by unique architecture and the use of the highest quality finishing materials. The Mikołajki Hotel***** has received guests since mid-September 2013. The luxury complex is equipped with a professional SPA, swimming pool, baths and saunas, two restaurants and a private marina. The conference complex, provided with the state-of-the-art multimedia and audio-visual equipment, consists of three halls which, after joining with one of the restaurants, have the area of as much as 650 square metres. The complex consists of 78 rooms and 25 apartments FOR SALE in the condo system.

Inpro won many prizes and distinctions including the Housing Brand of the Year and the Construction Company of the Year. The developer also found itself on the TOP 100 biggest Pomeranian companies and at the top of ratings prepared by the Manager Magazine and the Forbes.

Awards and Distinctions

The main shareholders are three persons with university education in construction and long experience. It is them who make the Company's Management Board. They have known one another for many years. They worked in construction industry thus gaining experience in the implementation of various projects. They were united by passion, hard work and professionalism. They are an excellent team in which ingenuity, the high level of technical knowledge, organisational skills and excellence are the strongest assets. They are friends. They work and relax together. They can argue constructively about new solutions, make difficult decisions and, first of all . . . they like what they are doing.

The Management Board of Inpro S.A. consists of the following persons:

Piotr Stefaniak – President of the Management Board
He has been the President since the inception of the Company in 1987. He is responsible for the strategy, procurement of finance, and the coordination of the work of various departments. He holds the title of master. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Poznań University of Technology with specialisation in city and industrial construction industry. He gained his professional experience in the Elbląg Construction Complex in which he was promoted to the position of Deputy Production Director. He was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit and the brown and silver badges for a "Person Distinguished in Construction and Construction Materials Industry."

Krzysztof Maraszek – Vice-President of the Management Board
Initially employed by Inpro as the Director's Attorney in Fact, he became Production Director and subsequently Vice-President in 1993.
He is responsible for project preparation and sales. He holds the title of Master of Science Construction Engineer. He is a graduate of the Higher School of Engineering in Koszalin. He has specialised in construction and engineering structures at the Institute of Civil Engineering. At previous steps in his professional career, he held managerial positions at, among other companies, the Gdańsk Residential Building Construction Complex and District Municipality and Apartment Management Enterprise.

Zbigniew Lewiński – Vice-President of the Management Board
He has held the position of Vice-President since 1993 (previously the Director's Attorney in Fact and Production and Development Director). He is responsible for the operations of the Company as the main contractor. He has university education and the title of Master of Science Construction Engineer. He is a graduate of Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Gdańsk University of Technology. He gained his professional experience by working at managerial positions at, among other companies, the Elbląg Construction Complex, Provincial Construction Cooperative in Nowy Targ, and at the Gdańsk Residential Building Construction Complex.


Our slogan "Apartments and houses in best locations" is reflected in real life.
We trust that our next projects and their quality will be acknowledged by future customers.

Registered Office

1987 - Inpro established in Kartuzy not far from Gdańsk. The company is involved in the design and preparation of construction projects;
1991 - The Company's registered office moved from Kartuzy to Dzierżążno;
1992 - Sales offer expanded by developer's operations;
1994 - Plant depot created in Gdańsk, Sandomierska street;
1995 - Prefabrication plant for "FILIGRAN" ceiling slab and plaster manufacture opened;
1997 - Registered office moved to new offices newly erected by "INPRO" in Gdańsk-Oliwa;
1998 - Large-scale developer's operations commenced;
1999-2000 - The New Town Hall in Gdańsk refurbished and modernised;
2005 - Luxury SPA hotel commissioned in Jastarnia at the Hel peninsula;
2007 - The Oliwski Hotel commissioned .
2008 - Distinction by the Chairman of the Gdynia City Council for the Osiedle Skłodowskiej multi-family residential complex as the best project in 2007.
2008 - A distinction at the 11th Gdańsk Tourism Fair in the Tourist Project category, awarded to the Oliwski Hotel;
2009 - The "Forbes Diamonds – Fast-Growing Enterprises," the Forbes 2/09 (PDF 475kB)
2009 - The TOP 100 ranking of Pomeranian companies for 2008 (PDF 437kB)
2011 - The Construction Company of the Year 2011 according to the BUILDER monthly,, the debut of Inpro S.A. at the Warsaw Stock Exchange;
2012 - The Company's 25th anniversary and the completion of the Kwartał Kamienic project;
2013 - The opening of the five-star Mikołajki Hotel.
2014 - On 26 June 2014 INPRO S.A. joined the Polish Developers’ Union.
2015 – Inpro received the Gepardy Biznesu 2014 award for the dynamic development and market value growth.
2016 – INPRO SA was awarded the Pomeranian Quality Award
2016 – Chmielna Park came second in the "Most Interesting Housing Project 2015" poll according to the readers of Trojmiasto pl.

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