The 30th anniversary

We have been building the strong position of our company as one of the most recognised and important firms in the property development business on the Tri-city market. We have implemented 60 large construction projects, while placing approximately 5,500 units in service. Their total area is over 350,000 square metres.

We have consistently built the INPRO brand as one of the most trustworthy companies on the Polish coast. Every year, we have tried to rise to new challenges posed by the changing market. The fathers of the company's success are its founders and main shareholders.

Krzysztof Maraszek
Vice-President of the Management Board
Piotr Stefaniak
President of the Management Board
Zbigniew Lewiński
Vice-President of the Management Board

„Thousands of customers have trusted us already. Our success stems from, first of all, many years of experience, from the excellent siting of our projects and from the high quality of execution of all of them. We use state-of-the art technologies and new engineering solutions to make sure that we meet the high expectations of our customers" Piotr Stefaniak, President of the Management Board.

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