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Please be informed that the Recommendation S issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority come into force on 1 January 2015. Under the Recommendation, each customer wishing to obtain a mortgage credit will be required to have a 10% equity contribution. That rule will be applicable to all credit applications for which credit approval will be issued after 31/12/2014.

A mortgage credit is the basic source of finance for the purchase of real estate, and obtaining such credit is a condition for making one's dreams come true. That is why, while meeting your expectations and taking care of comfortable and comprehensive service, we suggest that you should take advantage of the skills and experience of financial experts of INPRO S.A. at .


Our financial experts are the top class experienced experts, who know both the mortgage credit and real estate markets, and represent only your interests in relations with banks. For our customers we negotiated special credit offers, which are better than those generally offered on the financial market. The objective of the INPRO S.A.'s financial experts is to select the best financial product, minimise credit procurement costs and reduce waiting time.

We will do the following especially for you:

  1. A detailed check of your credit capacity in a dozen banks or so.
  2. A comparison of credit offers from many banks, and check the major parameters such as the interest rate, early payment conditions, commission and additional costs. Owing to that, making a choice will be easier and you will take advantage of the offer which is best for you.
  3. Going through formalities at the bank and helping you complete necessary documentation.
  4. Monitoring the entire credit award process.

Credit consultancy is completely free.

To receive a credit offer, please complete the Credit Form or send an email to: or contact our financial experts:

Anna Paczull
mobile: +48 667 870 807

Magdalena Reysowska
mobile: +48 607 085 323

Financial experts are at your disposal in the Company's registered office in Gdańsk Oliwa, ul. Opata Jacka Rybińskiego 8.

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tel. 58 340 03 81

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