The Azymut is a low-rise residential estate at Wielkopolska Street in the Mały Kack district of Gdynia. The surroundings of the estate give the residents the picturesque views of the nearby forests and the Bay of Gdańsk. As part of the Azymut estate, seven modern three-, four- and five-storey buildings with lifts have been built. The whole project features 193 flats.

The Azymut estate is located 3.5 km from the popular pier in the Orłowo district. The estate is distinguished by excellent transport links. Close to the project runs the Tri-City bypass road and there is the Karwiny train station on the route of the Metropolitan Railway, owing to which the residents may, for example, reach the centre of Gdynia, the airport in Rębiechowo or Gdańsk Wrzeszcz. Not far from the estate, there are two popular shopping centres: Riviera and Klif.

The Azymut estate catches the eye owing to its unusual architecture based on the cascade layout of buildings. Their original appearance is enhanced by stunning stone retaining walls or the so-called gabions. The buildings are complete with sunny balconies and terraces as well as with gardens; garage halls and storage units were built at underground levels. The design also comprised the construction of rooms for keeping baby carriages and strollers, bicycle stores and parking spaces. For the sake of the residents’ security, the estate is partly fenced and surveilled from the security room.



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The view of Gdynia and the Bay of Gdańsk

The Azymut estate is located in Gdynia, the Mały Kack district. The project’s asset are the surrounding forests and the nearby Gdańsk Bay, which guarantee unique views. Around, there are many attractive places such as the famous pier in Orłowo, located just 3.5 km from the estate, as well as important traffic hubs, for example the slip road onto the Tri-City bypass road permitting comfortable access to the most important parts of the Tri-City.

Excellent transport links

Close to the estate, a new train station of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway, called Karwiny, has been opened. Undoubtedly, that train station makes the residents’ daily travel much easier, for example to the centre of Gdynia, towards the airport in Rębiechowo or to Gdańsk Wrzeszcz.

Original design

The design of the estate comprised the construction of seven modern three-, four- and five-storey buildings with lifts. The modernist architecture of the estate is perfectly completed with sunny balconies and large terraces, and the unique character of architecture is underlined by the so-called gabions or stone retaining walls.

Functional flats

The well planned-out flats offer high functionality of the interiors and can be furnished easily. Ground-floor units have gardens and flats at higher levels enjoy sunny balconies and terraces.

Amenities for the residents

The estate is distinguished by many amenities. Garage halls and storage units have been built in the buildings. At the estate, there is a playground for the youngest generation, as well as rooms for keeping baby carriages and strollers, bicycle stores and generally accessible outdoor parking spaces.


To ensure security for all the residents, the estate is partly fenced and monitored, and the order at the project site is continuously surveilled by skilled security personnel.


ul. Lipowa 37C/5, 81-572 Gdynia
Tel. 58 629 50 30
Fax. 58 629 20 82,

Administrator nieruchomości Katarzyna Berendt tel. 694 873 639 e-mail:

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