Phase II Optima now available

As part of stage two, INPRO placed 200 well laid out and comfortable flats on the market. Those flats will be built in 5 small multi-family buildings, which will be provided with lifts. Each of the ground floor flats will have a spacious garden, and glazed balconies are designed for flats at higher levels.

The Optima estate is situated at Stężycka Street in the Jasień district of Gdańsk, close to the slip road leading to the Tri-City Bypass Road, along which the residents will reach the Gdańsk centre within 15 minutes, and close to the popular Fashion House shopping centre. Near the Optima estate, there are picturesque green areas with cycling paths and Lake Jasień with large recreation grounds.

The estate will feature many amenities including green areas with carefully designed structural landscaping, a waterhole, large playground, ground-based car parks and bicycle stands. On 1 March 2018 INPRO ensured a bus line taking the residents to the Gdańsk centre.

Phase II - completion on 30/08/2020


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