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Wróbla Staw is an estate located in the Jasień district of Gdańsk, Bażantowa Street (a side street of Jasieńska Street), close to Lake Wróbla Staw, from which the project took its name. The centre of Gdańsk is just 5.5 km away. The estate has an excellent connection with the other city districts and is located in a quiet forest buffer zone. Owing to the excellent location, residents do not have to choose between silence and comfortable access to the places they need every day. The location of the estate makes the dreams of all those who want to be close to nature and not far from the urban agglomeration come true.

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Wróbla Staw flats


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From the geographical point of view, the Wróbla Staw estate is situated in the buffer zone of the Tri-City Landscape Park, at the edge of the Kashubian lake district. Lake Wróbla Staw is several hundred metres away. We can relax on its shore on a hot summer day after a few minute walk. Those who prefer angling may admire a sunrise while watching floats on the water. Photography lovers will find many beautiful themes for their photos there. The estate does not compete with surrounding nature, but merges with it to take the best. The estate offers its residents the feeling of freedom and independence. Everybody is in their place and takes advantage of their own space here.

House gardens and terraces

Ground floor flats have gardens separated with a low openwork fence included in the price. Relaxation under a sun umbrella on hot days, a family lunch or taking care of flowers in your own garden will be a great pleasure. For children, this will be a safe place to play under the parents' care.

Flats at higher levels will be provided with sunny terraces or balconies, also included in the price.

Well-thought-out solutions

The estate will feature green areas, structural landscaping, a playground and ground-based car parks. A garage hall was planned under building D. A bicycle store, a room for keeping baby carriages and strollers and storage units were planned in buildings for the residents' comfort.


24 h security service

Wróbla Staw is also the guarantee of full security. The estate will be fenced, and peace kept by the 24 h professional security service. All that makes the immersed-in-green Wróbla Staw estate an exceptional place, ideal for each family.


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