Completion of the construction of stage I

The Ostoja estate is located in enchanting Rumia, Jeziorna Street, just 25 minutes to the Gdynia Centre. A small complex of residential buildings is designed for persons thinking highly of quality and relaxation amid picturesque nature. Close by the estate, there is the Port Rumia Auchan shopping centre with numerous shops, restaurants and the Auchan supermarket.

Stage I of the Ostoja estate is complete, and the last units, ready for occupancy, are on offer.

Flats ready for an acceptance inspection

All buildings received the occupancy permit

We are pleased for announce that 6 buildings (A-F) at the Ostoja estate in Rumia received the occupancy permit. The process of key handover to new owners will start at the beginning of December

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Cosy character

The Ostoja estate is being built in two stages comprising a total of 11 residential buildings with lifts as well as 5 garage halls.

At the first stage, complete already, 6 buildings with 138 well-laid out units and two self-sustaining above-ground garage halls with parking spaces were built.  

At the second stage, now underway, 5 buildings and 3 garage halls, including one self-sustaining and two at the ground floor of the residential buildings, are planned. The estate is distinguished by an exceptionally cosy character and low-rise development not more than five levels high.

The planned date of the completion of construction of the second stage of the estate is 30 November 2022.

In the bosom of nature

The quiet and tranquil surroundings of the estate let you spend time in the open air. With the comfort of the residents in mind, ground-floor flats have gardens, and flats at higher levels feature wide and sunny balconies.

Tranquil and comfort

As part of the Ostoja estate, numerous amenities for the residents have been planned, such as a multi-purpose sports field suitable for various team games and a large playground for children (at the second project stage). Rooms for keeping baby carriages and strollers as well as bicycle stores (except building C) and storage units at the ground floor level are planned in the buildings. All the buildings are equipped with lifts.

We jointly create the city

Jest to już kolejne z działań w ramach inicjatywy INPRO „Współtworzymy Miasto”, której celem jest poprawa warunków życia lokalnej społeczności.

W celu zapewnienia wygody całej lokalnej społeczności zaplanowaliśmy budowę ulicy Jeziornej od ronda przy ul. Kosynierów w Rumi. Inwestycja obejmie kompleksową realizację mierzącej ok. 415 m długości i 6 m szerokości drogi z kostki betonowej z chodnikiem po obu stronach i oświetleniem.

See also the We Jointly Create the City subsite

Progress of works as at 5th April 2024Progress of works as at 5th April 2024
Progress of works as at 5th April 2024Progress of works as at 5th April 2024

Exceptional vegetation at the estate

Around the buildings, high trees offering shade and shelter on hot days have been planted. They also fill the space around the playground and create cosy atmosphere, which offers more privacy to the residents.

For car owners

Three self-sustaining above-ground garage halls and two garage halls located on the ground floor of buildings J and K are designed at the estate. Publically available parking spaces have also been created as part of the project. The residents will also be able to buy above-ground parking spaces located on a separate piece of land designated for a road.

Only the owners of 4-room flats will be able to buy a parking space in the garage hall.

Garage hall No. 3 (Stage II)Garage hall No. 3 (Stage II)

You will not pay for the space

under partitions

The area under partition walls is not counted towards your apartment’s area. With INPRO you only pay for the area you really use, saving you a considerable amount of money when buying an apartment.

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Golf Park – semi-detached house 158 m2
Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2 – 33.9 m2
Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2 – 66.5 m2

Turn-key finish

As part of this project, we have also launched a turn-key finish programme, which is an ideal proposal for those who value comfort, quality and time and for investors in real property.

Turn-key finish of flats

Turn-key finish programme

An ideal proposal for those who value comfort, quality

A wide and diversified offer is a guarantee of the high quality of interior finish within the budget adjusted to the customer's needs.

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Credit Facilities

Take advantage of the skills and experience of financial experts of INPRO S.A.

A mortgage credit is the basic source of finance for the purchase of real estate, and obtaining such credit is a condition for making one's dreams come true.

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