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Nowe mieszkania na sprzedaż OPTIMA Gdańsk Jasień

The project is located at Tadeusza Jasińskiego Street in Gdańsk, the Jasień district, 1.9 km from the Designer Outlet Gdańsk shopping centre and 1.7 km from the exit to the Tri-City bypass road, which enables the residents to reach the centre of Gdańsk within 15 minutes.

The OPTIMA housing estate is distinguished by its comprehensive nature as anything which is important to the residents can be at the estate grounds.

The estate features many attractive amenities for the residents, such as an open-air fitness area, large playground and multi-purpose sports field. OPTIMA is also distinguished by many green areas, structural landscaping and an enchanting small pond. In the interest of the residents’ daily comfort, a commercial building has been erected as part of the project, where a playgroup called Publiczne Pozytywne Przedszkole No. 7, a Żabka grocery store and a parcel pick-up station are located.

Along Stężycka Street, INPRO has built a foot pavement with lighting. As from September 2019, there has been a new bus line No. 120 running from Stężycka Street to the Siedlce district along Jabłoniowa Street, by Primary School No. 6, Warszawska Street and the Ujeścisko district to the Siedlce transport hub.

The estate consists of four- and five-storey multi-family buildings and is a staged project. Six buildings (stage I) were completed and placed in service in 2019. The construction of the next 5 buildings (stage 2) was completed in August 2020. The  fourth, fifth and sixth part of the project comprising  is now under way.


Optimal surrounding

The estate’s location, among others near cycling paths, will be a great asset for all those who value active lifestyle. Spending time outdoors will also be possible thanks to multiple recreational areas around the surrounding lakes. A new Primary School at Lawendowe Wzgórze 5 in Gdańsk is opened since 2020.

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Active every day? Look how easy it is.

To underline the estate’s family character, the youngest residents and persons who like active leisure have not been forgotten. A large playground, open-air fitness area and multi-purpose sports field suitable for various team games have been built at the estate.

Lovely pond

Within the estate a pond, a great deal of green areas and landscape architecture structures have been designed. The area between the buildings will be an exceptional space for everyday walks and meetings with neighbours.

Optimal amenities

For the residents’ comfort, storage units and lifts are designed in each staircase. Garage halls, ground-based car parks and bicycle stands have also been built. The estate is monitored and partly fenced.

Optimal space

All flats within OPTIMA Project are designed with large balconies. Owners of the ground floor flats will be able to relax in their own gardens. Big gardens designed within the project will reach even 390 m2.

Modern staircases

What makes the project stand out among other ones is modern and elegant staircases. Each of them is decorated with inspiring photos making a reference to the seaside landscape.

Indoor visualisations Phase IVIndoor visualisations Phase IV
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A playgroup

at the OPTIMA estate

September 2019 saw the opening of the Publiczne Pozytywne Przedszkole No. 7 public playgroup at the OPTIMA estate. That facility is located on the first floor of building G built by INPRO S.A. Next to the building, parents’ parking spaces are provided, which will permit bringing children to the playgroup easily and comfortably. The playgroup is run by the Pozytywne Inicjatywy Edukacja company.

A private crèche

A private crèche called “A-Kuku” was launched at the OPTIMA estate in Gdańsk. This two-form institution offers services in the professional care of children in various age groups. The crèche may provide care of as many as 35 babies.

In the second quarter of 2021, a playground with a safe surface will be built at the institution. The crèche at the estate is a great convenience for all families with small children. More information available at http://a-kuku.com/.

Commercial units

At the project, buildings with a commercial area have also been built, owing to which the residents have quick and easy access to everyday services.

A Żabka grocery store and 24 h parcel pick-up station permitting the collection of postal packages at any time have been launched at the estate.

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City bus line

will make reaching the OPTIMA easier

In September 2019, the new bus line No. 120 operating between Stężycka Street and the Siedlce district has been launched. The route begins by the Optima estate, and then runs along Jabłoniowa street, next to Primary School No. 6, along Warszawska Street, across the Ujeścisko district to the Siedlce transport hub.

The bus runs 7 days a week, from 6 am to 10 pm on weekdays and from 5 am to 10 pm on weekends. The detailed timetable for bus 120 is available at www.ztm.gda.pl



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Distance: Time: x

Show a road route
Golf Park – semi-detached house 158 m2
Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2 – 33.9 m2
Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2 – 66.5 m2

Turn-key finish

As part of this project, we have also launched a turn-key finish programme, which is an ideal proposal for those who value comfort, quality and time and for investors in real property.

Turn-key finish of flats

Turn-key finish programme

An ideal proposal for those who value comfort, quality

A wide and diversified offer is a guarantee of the high quality of interior finish within the budget adjusted to the customer's needs.

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Credit Facilities

Take advantage of the skills and experience of financial experts of INPRO S.A.

A mortgage credit is the basic source of finance for the purchase of real estate, and obtaining such credit is a condition for making one's dreams come true.

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Biuro sprzedaży na terenie inwestycji OPTIMA

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Our sales office in OPTIMA estate is open every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and on the first Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

To learn about our offer, visit our sales office at the INPRO S.A. main office (ul. Opata Jacka Rybińskiego 8, Gdańsk – Oliwaor contact the sales department  +48 58 34 00 381developing@inpro.com.pl

Flat Acceptance Department – contact Ms. Kingą Beker  tel. +48 605 503 151 kinga.beker@inpro.com.pl

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