Interiors of the common area
Interiors of the common area
All-year playroom
All-year playroom
Charging station for electric vehicles
Fitness area
Fitness area

The new Koncept residential estate located in the Ujeścisko-Łostowice district of Gdańsk, Tadeusza Bramińskiego Street (next to Człuchowska Street) offers all the amenities of charming Tri-City metropolis districts surrounded by nature.

Owing to timeless architecture and many practical solutions, the projects set out a new concept of comfortable life.

Ostatni etap już w sprzedaży

Budynki E i F

Wprowadziliśmy do sprzedaży III etap osiedla Koncept, który stanowi już ostatni z planowanych etapów projektu.

W ramach tej fazy realizacji kompleksu powstaną 2 budynki: „E” i „F”, mieszczące łącznie 88 lokali  2-, 3- oraz 4-pokojowych o powierzchniach mierzących od 41 do 89 m2.

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Modern estate

in harmony with nature

The Koncept estate will be built in two stages and comprise 6 low-rise buildings with only four floors. At stage I, 2 buildings will be built, and they are scheduled to be complete at the end of October 2022. The location of the estate at picturesque hills will offer enchanting views and the closeness of nature.

Elegant architecture

combined with functionality

The project features modern and timeless architecture. The buildings are designed with emphasis on functionality. Designer staircases and an original wall climber lift, which will not only become the unique visual feature of the project, but also ensure easy communication between the various levels of the building, are an example.

You will not pay for the space

under partitions

The space under partitions is not included in the flat area. At INPRO, you only pay for the area really used and save a substantial amount on the purchase of the flat.

For your comfort

and that of your family

The buildings will feature lifts, 20 m2 pram and push-chair rooms and nearly 45 m2 bicycle stores equipped with repair stations, as well as residents’ storage units with more-than average area of up to 11 m2.

Park comfortably

As part of the entire project, the outdoor car park for 158 ground-based spaces (including 9 disabled) is designed.

At the second phase of the estate, underground garage halls comprising 120 parking spaces and a canopied parking area for 38 vehicles will be built.

Interestingly enough, the roof of the parking area will have not only the protection but also a utility function, as a green leisure area is designed at it.


Charging station

for electric vehicles

A charging station located by the outdoor parking spaces will be an additional amenity for all the residents of the estate.

Attractive space

with children in mind

At the estate, children will have their place for integration with their peers, too. A modern and safe all-year playroom with the area of as much as 75 m2 is planned for them.

As part of the complex, as many as 3 different playgrounds created at two stages of the estate are designed. Playgrounds will be provided with various equipment, e.g. swings, a climbing frame, and even a zip line for rides. Amenities of that type will certainly permit the children to expend excess energy in a safe, healthy and attractive way.


at your fingertips

At the estate, a 150 m2 fitness area will also be created. Rooms will be equipped with suitable infrastructure: the cardio zone, free weights and strength training as well as the fitness zone. Those will help you to take care of your health and fitness without the need to travel to a fitness centre, which will improve comfort and save time. Exercise rooms are located in building C, which will be placed in service at project stage II.

Far from hubbub

close to amenities

Very close to the Koncept estate, there is primary school No. 12 with sports fields and a nursery school, and a crèche, health clinic, dentist, food stores and a florists’ are within a few minute walk. Near the estate, there are also walking grounds around a water storage tank, which are ideal for relaxation.

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Comfortable access

and connections with the rest of the Tri-City

The Koncept project is being built at Zakoniczyn in Gdańsk (in the Ujeścisko-Łostowice district), Tadeusza Bramińskiego Street. The area has good transport connections with the rest of the city. Nearby bus and tram stops used by, for example, lines 118, 162, 164, 175, 295, N2 and N13 as well as 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, will enable the residents to travel to other districts in Gdańsk comfortably. Moreover, the construction of Nowa Warszawska Street is underway, and this will make it easier for the future residents to reach the estate by public transport.

The bypass road located nearby will permit, for example, trouble-free access to the Gdańsk centre, A1 Motorway, airport as well as more remote places such as the Hel Peninsula or the Kaszuby lake district. 

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We Jointly Create the City

Redevelopment of Człuchowska Street in Gdańsk

In connection with our Koncept estate and the neighbouring project, we have planned the redevelopment of Człuchowska Street with the construction of an elevated junction to ensure the safety of pedestrian crossings located there, the redevelopment and commissioning of street lighting, and the construction of a new transport link, i.e. Bramińskiego Street, with the construction of lighting and an accessway to primary school No. 12.

See also the We Jointly Create the City subsite


even closer to you

Residents will have special leisure zones with structural landscaping at their disposal. What is important, the estate will be green as nearly 80 trees will be planted at stage I.

At the estate, rain gardens will also be created, which will not only improve the appearance of the surroundings, but also enhance biodiversity and so improve the residents’ comfort and health. The complex of 6 rain gardens will reduce the volume of rain water flowing from the estate and contribute to the reduction of costs related to hydraulic services.

Rain gardens

At the estate, rain gardens are planned, which will positively influence the appearance of the surroundings and contribute to greater biodiversity and thus improve the residents’ living comfort and health. 

The rain garden complex located at the project site is designed to manage water in a natural way, reduce the volume of rain water flowing off the project site and contribute to the reduction of drainage service costs.

The visualisation is provided as an example only. All gardens and terraces will be delivered to Clients in conformity with the standard set out in the Agreement, and equipment is not included in the price of the flat.

Good layout

Your space

Are you looking for a practical flat for two or a space for a bigger family? Dreaming about a large living room or home office? You will certainly fine a space suited to your needs at the Koncept estate.

At stage I of the estate, 87 flats with the area from 41 to 89 m2 are planned. Various usable floor areas and practical layouts will enable you to find an ideal flat, and a well thought-out flat layout will ensure maximum sunshine inside.

What is important, all flats will have a loggia, balcony or garden, which will create an excellent space for leisure or spending time with friends.

Find your own flat

Golf Park – semi-detached house 158 m2
Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2 – 33.9 m2
Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2 – 66.5 m2

Turn-key finish

As part of this project, we have also launched a turn-key finish programme, which is an ideal proposal for those who value comfort, quality and time and for investors in real property.

Turn-key finish of flats

Turn-key finish programme

An ideal proposal for those who value comfort, quality

A wide and diversified offer is a guarantee of the high quality of interior finish within the budget adjusted to the customer's needs.

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Credit Facilities

Take advantage of the skills and experience of financial experts of INPRO S.A.

A mortgage credit is the basic source of finance for the purchase of real estate, and obtaining such credit is a condition for making one's dreams come true.

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Our sales office in KONCEPT estate is open every Tuesday and Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and on the last Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

To obtain more information about our offer, please contact the sales office at the INPRO S.A. main office (ul. Opata Jacka Rybińskiego 8, Gdańsk – Oliwa) or contact the sales department  +48 58 34 00 381.

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