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RYTM is a housing estate located in Gdańsk in the district of Matarnia at Mieczysława Słabego Street. This fully developed estate provides the residents with maximum convenience. The proximity of rich infrastructure, working in perfect harmony with the surrounding forests of the Tricity Scenic Park, will give you the comfort of living your own RHYTHM every day.

Practical elegance

that will delight you

The RYTM housing estate if first and foremost about high functionality and unusual architecture. Two modern buildings with varied height (5 and 6 storeys) will be connected by a glass skybridge, which will serve as the focal point of the estate. The elegant looks of the estate will be emphasised by the timeless design of the entrances to the buildings.


to match your rhythm

The estate will consist of 105 functional apartments ranging in size from 38.7 to as much as 118.9 square metres. Ground floor apartments will come with gardens and upper floor apartments will have spacious balconies. The owners of the top floor apartments will be able to enjoy large, private rooftop terraces, which will provide plenty of room for creative planning and a great view of the neighbouring area. This space will surely become the residents’ favourite place to relax after a long day.

 The planned completion of construction is 15.12.2023.

The visualization is for illustrative purposes only. Garden equipment is not included in the price of the premises.The visualization is for illustrative purposes only. Garden equipment is not included in the price of the premises.
The visualization is for illustrative purposes only. Garden equipment is not included in the price of the premises.The visualization is for illustrative purposes only. Garden equipment is not included in the price of the premises.


you deserve

RYTM is an estate filled with practical conveniences. For the car owners, a 2-level underground car park will be built, with enough room for 126 cars. The surface car park will consist of 6 bays specially designed for the needs of disabled persons.

There will be two bicycle rooms with the total number of 55 stands, plus 36 storage lockers.

To ensure the security of the residents, the estate will be monitored.


Always in great shape

The fitness zone on the estate

For those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy physical exercise every day, the designers prepared something special. A fitness room available to all residents is located at the ground floor of one of the buildings. It is quite spacious, making your daily dose of exercise even more enjoyable.

A place to meet

and rest

The perfect balance in life is to achieve harmony in making time for your duties and finding time for your pleasures. The residents of RYTM will find that second endeavour a little easier thanks to the club located at the ground floor of one of the buildings. Everyone may find their perfect space to relax here, reading a book on the sofa or mingling with the neighbours.

Close to the things

which are important every day

Directly next to the estate there is a primary school (Szkoła Podstawowa nr 7) with a multifunctional sports field, and a kindergarten, a great help to all families with children.  

There is also a shopping centre nearby (Park Handlowy Matarnia) with plenty of restaurants, services and stores, such as IKEA, Auchan or OBI.

The RHYTHM of the city

One outstanding advantage of the RYTM estate is its location. The estate is located in the district of Matarnia, with excellent transport links to Gdańsk Wrzeszcz and many other key places. Just 4 minutes on foot, there is a bus stop for the 110 bus, which can take you to the airport or towards Gdańsk Wrzeszcz with Galeria Bałtycka shopping centre on the way.

Just 2 km away there is the Gdańsk Matarnia railway station, providing convenient link to other parts of the Tricity. The location is also perfect for the motorists: there is an entrance to the Tricity bypass road next to the estate, providing convenient access to places in the vicinity, as well as those which are farther away.

Leisure time

close to nature

If you take a walk, just 3 minutes from the estate you will reach a forest which is part of the Tricity Scenic Park. The calm space filled with nature will certainly help you wind down after a long day, but it can also help you get more exercise.

Office space

Perfect location for your business

There are 2 office units at RYTM estate, located at the ground floor of one of the buildings, a perfect location for an office. This type of solution will give you the convenience to run your own business just next to your home, allowing you to separate the daily living space from the working space, giving you the perfect work-life balance.

Unit 1: 66.75 m2
Unit 2: 40.82 m2

2 office units at RYTM estate2 office units at RYTM estate

You will not pay for the space

under partitions

The area under partition walls is not counted towards your apartment’s area. With INPRO you only pay for the area you really use, saving you a considerable amount of money when buying an apartment.

Golf Park – semi-detached house 158 m2
Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2 – 33.9 m2
Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2 – 66.5 m2

Turn-key finish

As part of this project, we have also launched a turn-key finish programme, which is an ideal proposal for those who value comfort, quality and time and for investors in real property.

Turn-key finish of flats

Turn-key finish programme

An ideal proposal for those who value comfort, quality

A wide and diversified offer is a guarantee of the high quality of interior finish within the budget adjusted to the customer's needs.

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Credit Facilities

Take advantage of the skills and experience of financial experts of INPRO S.A.

A mortgage credit is the basic source of finance for the purchase of real estate, and obtaining such credit is a condition for making one's dreams come true.

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Our sales office in RYTM estate, majora Mieczysława Słabego Street Gdańsk Matarnia, is open every Wednesday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. 

To obtain more information about our offer, please contact the sales office at the INPRO S.A. main office (ul. Opata Jacka Rybińskiego 8, Gdańsk – Oliwaor contact the sales department  +48 58 34 00 381.


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