The Main Building and Library of the Gdańsk University of Technology - Housing projects completed - INPRO S.A.

Willa Maria

INPRO S.A. renovated the interior of the stately hall of the Main Building and the library, which are now ready for the jubilee gala.

The patina of age was removed from the stately, welcome space of the Gdańsk University of Technology. The space was equipped with modern, attractive lighting and arranged from the point of view of submission of information.

The function of the porter's lodge and enquiries desk were split apart. The new porter's lodge enclosure is in the same place as before. The enquiries desk, however, was created on the other side in relation to the main entrance to the building. Stone portals creating the frames corresponding to the impressive entrance portal are the dominant element in both enclosures.

Glazed information boards with a modern, pleasant form were installed in the hall and next to the entrance to the Main Library.

INPRO S.A. also thoroughly refurbished library rooms at level "00" and the ground floor of the Main Building (more than 750 m2). The purpose of the refurbishment was not only modernisation, but first of all better access to library and information services for the inhabitants of Pomerania.

The library gained the so-called open space. The hall and corridor, used as circulation spaces before, became a free area for the users. In addition to borrowing and returning books, readers can now use electronic sources of scientific information, e.g. owing to tablets made available there.

Moreover, a multi-media seminar and training hall provided with mobile equipment was created, which can be arranged depending on the needs.

The new library was adapted to the requirements of persons with disabilities.

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