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Inpro Cup in Pruszcz Gdański

On Sunday, 9 September 2018, the Inpro Cup football competition organised by Escola Futbolu was held in Pruszcz Gdański for the second time. We had the pleasure of being the main sponsor of the event and awarding medals to all the players. Congratulations to young football players on their enthusiasm and involvement. Cheers to Escola Futbolu for the 1st place!

Gdańsk Business Run

Gdańsk Business Run

npro participated in the Gdańsk Business Run on Sunday, 2 September 2018, for the second time. Along with 300 teams, 2 FBI Inpro Jogging Fans relay teams took part. One of them came as high as the 16th place, and the other one ranked at a slightly lower place :) We are happy we were able to help by taking part in the business charity race.

A debate on the amendment to the property development act

A debate on the amendment to the property development act

On Saturday, 1 September, there was a debate on the amendment to the property development act organised by Murator Expo and attended by, among others, Marek Niechciał of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, and by a representative of Inpro S.A., Robert Maraszek, Project Director.

Get to know the world with INPRO

Get to know the world with INPRO

Every customer who, between 1 September 2018 and 31 December 2018 signs information on the terms and conditions of the conclusion of the property development agreement, the prospectus and the property development agreement, will get the annual subscription for the "Poznaj Świat" monthly for 2019. See the rules for details.

Promotion rules: download a PDF file (polish)


Inpro wins the best exhibitor poll at the amber expo housing fair

Last weekend, we participated in the housing fair organised at Amber Expo.  The attendance was high and our sales staff certainly could not complain of being idle, as you can see on the photos below;)

We also had an opportunity to present our new stand received with appreciation by both the visitors and the fair organiser.  We ranked 1st in the ‘Best stand and fair service’ category and 1st in the Best Exhibitor poll. 
Thank you all so much for the distinction, your abundant attendance, and interest in our offer! 

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