Wróbla Staw houses Stage H

The total of 84 houses were built at the estate, both semi-detached and terraced, of various areas depending on the needs of the residents. Buildings have two or three storeys, and each has a garage and garden.

The estate to be built in four phases will be fenced and provided with security service. As part of the works, green areas, structural landscaping, a playground, ground-based car parks and a multi-functional sports field will be built.

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The proximity of the Tri-City Landscape Park is one of strong assets of the estate. The surroundings are an excellent place to seek both tranquillity and active leisure. A developed network of paths will satisfy the lovers of walks and cycling expeditions, and the enthusiasts of nordic walking.

The paths connect many sites of great tourist interest, such as the Matemblewo estate or the ZOO in Oliwa. The nearby "Jasień" stable will provide entertainment to horse riding lovers, and the charming pond is an ideal place for an evening walk with a dog, for watching nature or for a lazy morning with a fishing rod.

The highest standard

and best quality materials

The houses are built to the highest standards and from the best quality materials. Care was taken at the design stage of the maximum functionality of the houses and of the comfort of future residents.

Modern houses designed with great attention to detail are very distinct from other complexes of single family houses. The estate was designed as a uniform whole. For every resident, it has its unique, friendly atmosphere and character. As part of the estate, green areas, structural landscaping, a playground, ground-based car parks and a multi-purpose sports field were created.

Solar collectors

Solar collectors provided as standard equipment are yet another advantage. That modern and environmentally friendly solution will provide considerable savings for the family budget. What is more important, the houses are covered by a 5-year guarantee. That facility is offered to the customers of Inpro S.A. as the only company on the property development market.

24 h security service

The Wróbla Staw estate is also the guarantee of security. The estate will be fenced, and peace kept by a 24 h professional security service.

Own gardens

A see-saw for two or a wading pool for children? Or perhaps a place for evening meetings with friends? It is good to have your own piece of green, that is why each house at the Wróbla Staw estate has its own garden. Whether it will become a place for relaxation, a safe haven for a child's games, or a place for flowers, creepers and a waterhole, this only depends on the future owners.


Estate Care


Now on sale the last 4 houses on phase E

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