Debiut Stage III

Debiut III is located at Dybowskiego Street in Pruszcz Gdański, slightly less than 10 km from the central part of Gdańsk. The third stage of the complex comprised the construction of three buildings. Amenities such as a multi-purpose sports field, playground for children, outdoor fitness centre and attractive recreation grounds have been created at the estate. Close to Debiut III, there is a developed water reservoir, which is an ideal space for relaxation. Persons living in ground-floor flats enjoy large gardens for their use, and residents at higher floors may relax on spacious balconies. The underground storey of the building is developed into a garage hall from which the residential section may be reached directly by a lift. The estate is provided with a monitoring system.

The town of Pruszcz Gdański, where the Debiut III project is located, is a picturesque space distinguished by excellent transport connections with the whole Tri-City. In the town, there are crèches, playgroups, sports schools, swimming pools, a cinema and skating rink, and more.

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Comfortably and functionally

At the underground level of the building provided is a garage hall from which residential storeys may be reached easily and comfortably by lifts. 55 ground-based parking spaces have been created at the site between the buildings. The ground floor features bicycle stores and rooms for keeping baby carriages and strollers. The residents can also use storage units. All the buildings have modern lifts. The facilities are distinguished by elegant halls and staircases.

Actively and healthily

Residents enjoy access to a multi-purpose sports field, large playground, open air fitness centre, green recreation areas and a playing space for the youngest children, which features benches and sandpits. Next to the buildings, there are generally accessible bicycle parking spaces. The town authorities created a developed water reservoir which is very close to the estate

Calmly and safely

To care for the peace and safety of the residents, a modern monitoring system, inexpensive to maintain, is installed at the estate. Intercom with an optional video connection is extended to each flat. Car entrance to the estate is controlled by a remotely controlled rising barrier.

Cosily and functionally

The flat layout ensures the greatest possible volume of daylight. The functional design of the various units ensures quick and easy interior fit-out. The topmost storeys of the buildings are designed to feature the biggest flats.

Sunny balconies and big gardens

Wide and sunny balconies and loggias in the flats are their asset. The residents of ground-floor apartments have also become the owners of large gardens of as much as 200 m2.

High quality

The estate is built from the highest quality materials. Owing to the designers’ care of minute details, the complex is a comfortable living space, which satisfies the needs of even the most demanding persons.

Good transport links

Only around 10 km from the Gdańsk centre

The Debiut residential estate is located at Dybowskiego Street in Pruszcz Gdański, approximately 10 km from the Gdańsk centre. Perfectly well-developed bus and train connections are an asset of that area. Owing to the Town Hall, the inhabitants of Pruszcz Gdański may use a free bus line. The bus running around the town also allows a direct trip to Gdańsk. A train line runs across the town, too. As important aspect for the persons moving daily around the Tri-City, and not only to them, is that the bypass road and A1 motorway are close by. 

The surroundings

Pruszcz Gdański is a picturesque town located close to the Tri-City. In the town there are many playgrounds for children, outdoor fitness centres, and recreation grounds. Town attractions include frequent canoeing events on the river Radunia, and the operating Gdańsk Flying Club. Active relaxation supporters may take advantage of numerous cycling paths running for example to Gdańsk.

In a sporty and concert-like fashion

The town has interesting architecture. There are sport schools for children, two swimming pools and a skating rink in the town area. In summer, one may enjoy many performances and concerts held in the town amphitheatre. The International Baltic Culture Park also offers many attractions for the children, e.g. a skate park, sledging hill, playground and multi-purpose sports field. There are the Pruszcz Gdański Museum and cinema in the area as well.

Comfortable infrastructure

Playgroups and the newly opened crèche for the youngest ones play an important role in the town. The inhabitants may also count on employment in many prestigious companies growing in Pruszcz Gdański, such as LPP and the Nowak Meat Production Plant. The town also boasts of many large shops, for example Tesco and Biedronka, as well as distribution centres of Poczta Polska and Lidl.

We Jointly Create the City

To improve recreational infrastructure and enhance the comfort of local residents’ life, in consultation with the Pruszcz Gdański Commune, we have planned to create a bicycle/pedestrian path. As part of the project, in the surroundings of the water tank located near the Debiut project, recreational infrastructure will be constructed including a cycling path and foot pavement, along with lighting and structural landscaping.

The financing and construction of the project is the responsibility of INPRO at land owned by the Pruszcz Gdański Municipality.

We Jointly Create the City


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