Harmonia Oliwska - Stage I “Cytra”

A estate located in Oliwa, Opacka Street, will be built, based on the block development principle. The estate is situated next to the Oliwa Park, not far from the ZOO. The estate will consist of six- and eight-storey buildings. The estate is located 1.5 km from Gdańsk University, 1.2 km from the Olivia Business Centre, and close to popular shopping centres. The modern architecture of the buildings will be completed with large, sunny balconies and terraces. The site will be partially fenced and monitored from the security room. Under the buildings, garage halls and storage units will be designed. All staircases will have lifts. There will be a bicycle store and a room for keeping baby carriages and strollers at the estate. Ground floor flats will have gardens.Adjacent to the estate will be a plot on which INPRO S.A. will design and build 3 office buildings with commercial premises on the ground floor. 

One of the best residential estates in Poland!

The Harmonia Oliwska estate in Gdańsk was distinguished among the best 10 new residential estates in Poland in the Newsweek Polska 2020 listing.

Estates were evaluated with many factors in mind, including access to public transport, green areas, the cultural offer around, environmentally-friendly solutions at the project, facilities for children, security of the buildings, and nearby attractions.

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Harmonia Oliwska


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An estate located close to the park in Oliva

Gdańsk Przymorze, Szczecińska

The Harmonia Oliwska residential estate located at the junction of Opacka and Grunwaldzka streets is rising very close (just 200 m) from the historic park in Oliva. The entire project is designed in such a way that the buildings and adjacent grounds merge in the green surroundings and complement each other with the park in Oliva, which is a dream place for walks and relaxation.

Architecture and amenities

The construction of the Harmonia Oliwska consists of 4 stages: Cytra, Rotta, Tercja and Kwarta. The entire project comprises six- and eight-storey buildings. Lifts and basement storage units will be located in each of them. Playgrounds are planned at all the stages of construction.

The elevation partly finished with high quality materials as well as good standard corridors and staircases will be a peculiar feature of the estate.


Park-type vegetation

Park-type vegetation is planned between the buildings which, along with carefully designed structural landscaping, will create a new urban space for the residents.

Comfortable flat layout

All flats are designed in such a way that each new buyer will be able to fit out its dream flat quickly and comfortably. Large units will be located at upper floors, and ground floor flats will have gardens, whose price is included in the price of the flat. Spacious and sunny balconies, terraces or loggias will be another asset of the project.

A safe and comfortable residential estate

The entire project site will be partly fenced and monitored from the security room. Under the office complex, garage halls are planned, and 180 bicycle parking spaces accessible to the public will be provided around the building. The whole project is planned in such a way that vehicular traffic at the estate is kept to the minimum, owing to which the residents and their guests will be able to enjoy the climate of a "city parlour" at the Harmonia Oliwska.


There are Oliva forests creating the Tri-City Landscape Park 1 km away from the Harmonia Oliwska. Beautiful views may be admired from the Pachołek hill located 1 km from the project, on the way to the ZOO in Oliva, which is 2.5 km away from the estate. The estate is located 1.5 km from Gdańsk University, 1.2 km from the Olivia Business Centre, and close to popular shopping centres.

Active relaxation

The mere natural surroundings guarantee the residents quick and easy access to the places of active relaxation. Every jogging, cycling or roller-skating lover will find his or her favourite routes there. The surroundings abound with long walking paths. In the vicinity of the estate, there is also the campus of the Academy of Physical Education with a large sports and recreation centre.

Opacka Park

Along Grunwaldzka street, the Opacka Park office complex consisting of three buildings of the total area of 20,000 square metres is designed. The residents of the estate and their guests will have unrestricted access to shopping and service outlets and restaurants on the ground floor of the Opacka Park buildings. At the western side, a yard with cafes screened from street noise and opened to the estate is planned. Green areas and structural landscaping will be a new city space for residents living nearby.

Komunikacja miejska

SKM, tramwaj, autobus

Skrzyżowanie alei Grunwaldzkiej z ulicą Opacką i Pomorską to idealna lokalizacja ze względu na połączenia komunikacji miejskiej. Mieszkańcy osiedla mają bezpośredni dostęp do przystanków tramwajowych i autobusowych. Dodatkowo, 850 m od inwestycji znajduje się przystanek SKM Gdańsk Żabianka, a 1,3 km przystanek SKM Gdańsk Oliwa.

A small distance to the beach

A popular and charming beach in Jelitkowo is 2.9 km from the project site. An excellent place for summer relaxation and romantic walks on the sea shore.

The Academy of Physical Education and Sports within reach

The Academy of Physical Education in Gdańsk is located nearby the Harmonia Oliwska estate. At the Academy premises, there are numerous sports facilities, including a sports and entertainment arena, swimming pool, fitness centres, pitches, tennis courts and several attractions for physical activity lovers.

The old market

During a 15-minute walk, the residents of the Harmonia Oliwska will reach the Old Market in Oliva, which is also the historic centre of that district. A walk with magnificent views of the park in Oliva will be enriched with historic paths and buildings of that part of Oliva.


Estate Care


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