Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2

The Kwartał Uniwersytecki is an estate situated in Gdańsk Przymorze, Szczecińska street. The estate will consist of two three-, five- and eight-storey buildings. The Kwartał Uniwersytecki estate is located 5 minutes (700 m) away from the Gdańsk Przymorze rapid city railway station , 900 m from the state-of-the art ALCHEMIA office centre, 900 m from Gdańsk University, 800 m from the Mc Donald's and 1,000 m from the biggest office centre, Olivia Business Centre. Popular REAL and ALFA shopping centres are 650 m away.

The modern architecture of the buildings will be completed with large, sunny balconies and terraces. The site will be partially fenced and monitored from the security room. Under the buildings located will be a garage hall and storage units, and all staircases will have lifts. There will be a bicycle store and a room for keeping baby carriages and strollers at the estate. Most ground floor flats will have gardens.

The plot

Kwartał Uniwersytecki 2


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The photovoltaic system installed on the KWARTAŁ UNIWERSYTECKI 2 residential estate will reduce the estate maintenance costs.  It will contribute to the power supply to all electrically-powered installations. 

The energy generated in the system will be cleared with Energa. 


The building will have two lifts. In the building, there will be a room for keeping baby carriages and strollers, a MEDIA LIBRARY and a general and restricted access bicycle arcade. Outside the building, the developer designed external car parking spaces and special bicycle stands.

Safe Estate

To ensure the peace and safety for the residents, the project site will be partially fenced. The building will be provided with a modern monitoring system.


900 m from the Alchemia complex

Situated in Gdańsk Przymorze, the Kwartał Uniwersytecki residential estate is an ideal place for persons who appreciate life in a city and at the same time, seek a quiet place for their dream flat. Gdańsk Przymorze is an excellently developed district with good transport connections. The project will be built in the city centre, 900 m from the Alchemia complex of buildings. There are many shops and shopping centres, commercial units offering bare necessities and sports and recreational centres close by. At the same time, the project is being implemented near single-family houses and low-rise buildings surrounded with green areas, 5.5 km from the sea.

The sports complex


Around 900 metres from the Kwartał Uniwersytecki 3, there is the state-of-the art "Aquastacja" sports complex. At that complex, the residents of the estate will be able to use a 25 m swimming pool and two smaller pools, including one for children, and another one, at which there are aqua fitness classes. The complex also comprises a sauna zone, sports hall for team games, climbing wall, gym and fitness room. For the residents of the Kwartał Uniwersytecki 3, the modern sports complex will become somewhere to spend their free time actively.


The new residential estate is located 900 m from Gdańsk University. In the vicinity, there are also numerous schools and playgroups, which undoubtedly make parents' life easier. The surroundings of the Kwartał Uniwersytecki abound in cycling paths. In the vicinity, there are green areas including the John Paul II Park and Oliva Forests.

City transport

Gdańsk Przymorze is a district in the city centre with excellent transport connections. The residents of the Kwartał Uniwersytecki will have 900 m to go to a tram stop and only 5 minutes to a rapid city railway station, from which they will reach the other parts of the Tri-City easily and comfortably.

Olivia Business Centre

The estate is 1.2 km from the city's heart of business called the Olivia Business Centre. That is a venue of not only business meetings, but also of many cultural and sports event. On the ground floor located will be many shops, restaurants, banks, a playgroup, pharmacy and the Medicover Medical Centre.


Veidik - Zarządzanie nieruchomościami

Financial and Housekeeping plan (polish)

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