Start Phase I

As part of the first stage of the Start housing estate, four modern buildings were constructed: three- and five-storey buildings comprising a total of 157 flats. The Start estate is located at Nowatorów Street in the Kokoszki district of Gdańsk. It is a fast-growing district located in the city’s western part with a residential and industrial character. Not far from the project, there is a slip road to the Tri-City bypass road, which enables quick access to many key places in Gdańsk and beyond. There are numerous public transport stops in the immediate vicinity, and the Lech Wałęsa Airport in Gdańsk is 6 km away from the estate.

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Playgroup at the Start estate

On 1 September 2021, a PLAYGROUP run by “Pozytywne Inicjatywy” company will be launched at stage I of the Start project. The institution will provide care of a group of as many as 75 children. The operation of an institution of that type at the estate will become a great convenience for all families with pre-school children.

Playgroup at the Start estatePlaygroup at the Start estate
Playgroup at the Start estatePlaygroup at the Start estate

Everything at hand

Daily use services will be available to the residents of the Start estate at their fingertips. At each stage, the ground floor of one of the buildings will be designed `as a commercial section.

All necessary places such as schools and playgroups are also close by. Another advantage is the vicinity of a whole range of shops such as Lidl, Biedronka, the Auchan centre and Ikea, as well as a church, restaurant, post office and petrol station. This way all the necessary errands can be run on the way home.


A beautiful and functional

housing space

Eight three- and five-storey buildings will be built at the Start estate. Stage I comprises 157 flats, and stage II will consist of 159 flats.

At the estate, planned are four underground garage halls, which will be directly connected with the buildings (C and D as well as E and G).  As an extra feature, space for the residents’ storage boxes is also planned. All the five-storey buildings will be equipped with modern lifts.

Green surroundings

The ground floor flats will have gardens, which will surely become an ideal space for spending free time for family and friends. The flats on the upper floors will have balconies and loggias.

In addition to that, public green areas will be created around the project, which can serve as an ideal place for walks and recreation.

Top quality

The Start housing estate means architecture based on the modern and functional design. Of course, aesthetic values are not the only advantage of our construction projects. At the projects, quality plays the most important role, and that quality can be seen in, for example, materials and workmanship.

Safety is the key factor

For the sake of all the residents’ safety, the Start estate will be equipped with a CCTV monitoring system. Owing to that solution, the area will be monitored 24 hours a day.

Quick and direct access

to the centre of Gdańsk

The Start estate is a good place to live! The location is an unquestionable advantage of this project. The heart of the Kokoszki district is an ideal location for people who move around a lot. The residential complex is located some 2 kilometres from the slip road to the Tri-City bypass road, which enables very fast access to all key places in Gdańsk and beyond. It takes just 15 minutes to get to the city centre by car!

Convenient short and long-distance connections

From Nowatorów Street, you can easily travel by public transport. Close to the residential buildings, there are bus stops allowing access to many parts of the city.  

For those embarking on longer journeys, the Lech Wałęsa Airport in Gdańsk, located 6 km away, is a great convenience. 

Forests and other green areas

Approximately 1.5 km from the estate, there are forests and other green areas, which are ideal for family walks or active recreation.

We Jointly Create the City

The multi-purpose sports field is suitable for various games such as football, handball and basketball. The whole sports field is covered with a special EPDM polyurethane pavement as well as fenced and provided with structural landscaping such as benches and bicycle stands.

The financing and construction of the sports field was the responsibility of INPRO at land owned by the Gdańsk City Commune.

We Jointly Create the City

Flat Acceptance Department

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