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The Czwarty Żagiel is located only 1,500 m from the beach, close to the Ronald Reagan park, the largest one in Gdańsk. In the existing buildings already constructed as part of the Trzy Żagle project, there are shops and service outlets, including a playgroup. Just close by, there is also a school, a health clinic, shops and a bus stop, which permits quick access to a rapid city railway station. It takes only a while to get to one of the popular shopping centres.

The Czwarty Żagiel is a modern project, in which dynamic people full of energy and those who value life in a centre of the city will find their place.

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Attention to detail

Like all projects by Inpro S.A., the Czwarty Żagiel building is distinguished by the highest standard of workmanship. Both the building itself and its surroundings were designed to ensure full comfort to the residents. The modern architecture of the building referring to the shape of a sail will be completed with spacious, sunny terraces and balconies. The building will be provided with two lifts, which will considerably reduce waiting time. The project will be fully accessible to persons with disabilities.

Full comfort and security

The feeling of security is an aspect in the choice of a new place to live. With that in mind, the project site will be partially fenced. A security room will be situated on the ground floor. In addition to that, security window panes (class P4) will be fitted in the windows and balcony doors of all ground floor flats in the building.

Close to the sea

Customers continue to take keen interest in flats in the Przymorze district of Gdańsk. The location of the district, which provides both perfectly developed infrastructure and the proximity of green areas and, first of all, of the sea, is an important factor.

The Czwarty Żagiel building is situated just 1,500 m from the beach, next to Reagan Park, which is an excellently developed green area ideal for cyclists, roller skaters and joggers, and also a dream place for walks with children.

Area development

that's because the surroundings matter

The surroundings of the building have very big influence on how we feel in our flat. That is why Inpro S.A. puts such great emphasis on site development. As part of the project, with the comfort of the residents in mind, green areas, structural landscaping and benches were carefully designed.

Garage halls and bicycle stores

Garage halls with a remotely controlled gate were located for the residents' comfort at the two underground storeys. There are storage units and single-track vehicle compartments there, too. The opportunity of getting to lifts directly from the level of those halls will make life considerably easier.

Garage hall and ground-based car-park entrances will be situated directly at the street side, which will provide easy and comfortable access to them.

At the project site, ground-based parking spaces for the residents and their guests were also provided.


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