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The Group intends to strengthen its solid position in the current business sectors, including first of all the property development one. INPRO as a company will focus its activity on the segment of popular standard and upper-end flats on the Tri-City market and in the surroundings, in Pruszcz Gdański and Rumia. One of the strongest assets of the Company is the knowledge of the market including location preferences and other requirements of various customer groups.

The achieved market position creates an opportunity for further, dynamic development, in particular by way of implementation of projects attractive to the market.

The Company regularly places new projects on the market. INPRO SA has a the bank of land bought at advantageous prices and plans to maintain the policy consisting in seeking unique sites with relatively low land prices. Owing to that, it will be possible to implement projects which, in view of their attractive location, architecture, quality of construction and prices, will be sold in a relatively short time. To significantly expand the bank of land for new projects, INPRO monitors the situation on the construction plot market on an ongoing basis.


planned investment Brawo - Pruszcz Gdański
planned investment Ostoja - Rumia
planned investment Star - Gdańsk Kokoszki
planned investment Zenit - Gdynia Karwiny
Azymut - Gdynia Mały Kack

Further strengthening of the "Inpro" brand as a symbol of high quality, reliability and safety is a significant element in the Group's strategy.

INPRO considers stronger involvement in the implementation of commercial projects, in particular office buildings.

Following the completion of stage II of the extension of the Dom Zdrojowy in Jastarnia (the planned extension to include a large conference and banquet hall for 200 persons and the refurbishment of some single rooms and the hotel reception), the Group does not plan other hotel projects in the near future. Since 01/07/2018, the Mikołajki Hotel has been leased for a fee by a third party company running a hotel activity in that facility (see current report No. 19/2018 of 22/06/2018).

The upgrade of the production plant of inBet Sp. z o.o. will be continued in 2019 – following the commissioning of the second precast concrete item (sandwich wall) production line, the establishment is planning the completion of thermal upgrading and extension of the production hall, the installation of a new concrete batch plant, purchase of a gantry crane and the modernisation of the office building. This will permit the high revenue and net profit growth pace not only to be maintained, but also enhanced.

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