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Basic information about INPRO S.A.

Inpro was established in 1987 and during 30 years in business it has become one of the most important and widely recognised developers on the Tri-City market of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. Inpro offers primarily good quality apartments and single-family houses. The Company also implements commercial projects such as hotels, apartment and renders construction services.

Inpro lays emphasis on, first of all, excellent locations of its projects and on high quality of construction, owing to which the Company has ranked among the top five developers on the Tri-City market. Inpro Group has its own skilled construction staff. The Company places emphasis on the use of modern technology and innovative technical and organisational solutions. 

Owing to tailoring its offer to customers' requirements, Inpro is also among the leading developers in the Tri-City in the league of the number of apartments sold. 

Golf Park - Tuchom
City Park - Gdańsk Zaspa
Wróbla Staw houses - Gdańsk Jasień
Kwartał Uniwersytecki - Gdańsk Przymorze
Kwartał Kamienic - Main Town in Gdańsk
Harmonia Oliwska - Gdańsk Oliwa
Chmielna Park – Gdańsk Wyspa Spichrzów

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