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The Wróbla Staw estate situated in the Jasień district of Gdańsk, just 6 km from the city centre, is very well located from the access point of view. The main roads, such as the bypass road of the Tri-City, Kartuska and Armii Krajowej streets, are close by and this permits the residents of the estate to reach the other parts of the urban area effectively. The road network in that area is developing very dynamically. The W-Z road (Armii Krajowej street) ensures a quick and easy connection with the centre of Gdańsk and with holiday resorts in the Kashubian lake district.

Everything within reach

At the neighbouring estate, only half a kilometre away, there are shops, playgroups, a primary school and a post office. All the bare necessities, such as a grocer's, news stand or hair dresser's, are several steps away. Bigger shopping will not be a problem, either. It only takes a moment to drive to the Auchan shopping centre. 

Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway

Taking advantage of a nearby train stop called Jasień, the residents of the Wróbla Staw estate can comfortably reach both the airport in Rębiechowo and other districts of Gdańsk (Wrzeszcz, Morena, Niedźwiednik and Osowa).

The charming pond

Despite excellent access and the proximity of the city centre, the estate offers its residents tranquillity and the possibility of relaxation. The estate is situated by a charming pond, next to the Tri-City Landscape Park with picturesque Strzyża stream valley. Green areas, water and the atmosphere of relaxation give you the impression of living in seclusion.

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